Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Composite Drawing

Sleep Composite This is a work in progress derived from the Sleep Project images I have shot. Took a really rough xerox copy of a photo and cut it into tiny squares and put them in a bag. I pick out a square and interpret it onto a 5" x 5" paper. The process is inspired by one of my favorites - Chuck Close - though of course I am nowhere near as meticulous as this master. The goals are perhaps different as well. This one is really about the sense of breaking something down into components and piecing it back together. I utilize different mediums, papers or fabrics, and styles of drawing/painting/printing/sewing to achieve and reinterpret. I try not to identify what the square is until it is time to put it into the larger composite image. How differently we see things when we already think we know what it is. If we can drop the labels, the naming, and bring fresh eyes to an experience it is so much different, more creative and open.

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