Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wood Fire

Thank you to everyone involved in our recent wood firing at Monocacy Pottery! Most especially to our hosts and organizers - John Thies for the generous assistance and use of his facilities and kiln at Monocacy Pottery and Phil Berneberg - our fearless leader. This is a brief overview of the process as well as before and after shots of a few of my pieces.

Verb bowl exteriors. The porcelain flashes a salmon color.

Outsides of the Phrase bowls - much more color, movement, and even some distortion.

Lots of amazing pieces - here I will just show a few of my own. Inside of the phrase bowls - I stacked them mouth to mouth so the insides got minimal flashing.

Day 3 we went back to unload the kiln. This is one of the kiln shelves midway back in the kiln.

Slip seems to have a way of traveling. Group shot minus Phil and Cheryl.

Girl Power! Denise, Lisa, Selena, & Nia (Cheryl, Bonny, and Rosalie not pictured but no less powerful).

More stoking. Jim, John, and Kevin stoking.

Lisa working the hula hoop.

In between stoking.

Brantley & Nia - playing with my fisheye camera lens.

The firing began early Saturday morning with a propane low fire. Then we stoked roughly every ten minutes with wood. HOT! John, Brantley, Bonny, and Phil getting ready to stoke.

Bonny, John, Selena on a not-so-conventional massage break.

Next the fun part - we sealed up the door with newspaper dipped in clay slip.

John, Nia, Kevin, Lisa blocking up the door.

Took most of Friday to load the kiln - it was packed which changes the ability of flames and ash to travel around and over the pieces.

Bonny & Rosalie applying wadding to the bottom of pieces to protect from melting to the kiln shelf.

Verb bowls and phrase bowls before the wood kiln firing. Verb bowls are porcelain with mason stain/carving surfaces. Phrase bowls are phoenix clay with mason stain/carving surfaces.

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Vintage Porcelain Art By Amy Enright said...

what an interesting post! I loved it! I'm so happy firing my kiln is easier than that! I put in a cone, turn it on and go! LOL!
I enjoyed my visit to your blog! I will definitely come back!
I would love for you to pay me a visit sometime....