Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teaching Update

This is an update continuation of the Telling Your Own Story class that I co-taught with fellow artist Jonas Angelet in collaboration with Pyramid Atlantic and Asian American LEAD. Our objective for this class was to help students develop the ability to express themselves through art that is founded in their personal experiences.
Here they are working on developing drawings for their silk screening projects.The kids then transferred their images to silk screens for printing.
Anthony doing some video documentation of our....

paste up! We decided (and got permission) to paste all of the images the kids made to the exterior of the building. Here is Jonas doing a demo of the paste up. We used a very temporary flour and water paste.

Kids pasting - they had to work on laying out the design and transferring the layout to the wall.

A group shot.

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luluicx said...

Those kids will never forget this class or you! What a great experience for all of you.