Sunday, December 28, 2008

'Maypole', transfer drawing on muslin. Working against oneself.
I'm beginning to play with animating these girls a bit. Moving them to a more active dialogue with one another. Conversations with the self.
'Standing on My Back - scroll', transfer drawing on muslin.
'Standing on My Back', transfer drawing on paper.
'Jumping With Myself', transfer drawing on canvas. Again a poor quality studio shot but this one is unique in that is the only one in this series that shows faces. Playing with movement sequencing and how that can play out with the harnesses.
'Standing on Myself - Quadrant', transfer drawing on paper. Working with the fading of the characters, the use of the harnesses in relation to one another, and the body postures.
'Walking With Myself', transfer drawing on canvas. I started using these markers to create heat set transfers of my drawings. This character started to emerge and the multiples of the same character seemed to develop in relation to the medium (which allows for multiple transfers of the same image which are successively more faded). A poor working photo but gives the concept.

Vermont Studio Center

my studio was housed in the church building on the left, room was in the white house behind.

Inside Vermont Studio Center

inside Vermont Studio Center studio in 'church' building.